I have Nethserver installations in

(Alex Carvalho) #1

I have Nethserver installations in:

2 Sao Paulo
1 Rio de Janeiro
1 Recife

And soon Salvador

Portuguese people?
(Renan Azedo ) #2

I have one running here in Itaguai-RJ City Hall (Brazil).

2 months as a proxy, and now starting as PDC, FILE SERVER
and OCS.

It looks like it will be a great solution.

Thanks for all

(Rafael Tavares) #3

I have 8 Nethserver in Production in São Paulo - Brazil :grinning:

(Paulo Rodrigues) #4

I have one nethserver in uk - Leicester :smile:

(Jose Sousa) #5

I have one nethserver in Porto

(Alessio Fattorini) #6

Uh! I love this topic :smile: thanks @alexcsilva to start such discussion, I just split it into new one