I can't run any guest VMs over bridge network

(Mark Edworthy) #1

Found a new problem, I can’t run any guest VMs over bridge network.
I have tried using WebVirtMgr, VMM and manually creating br0. I have a network card in my server setup as eth1 and a bridgge interface (br0), I can ping br0 from the host but can’t get my VMs to connect to their eth0 VNIC

I have added a copy of both ifcfg-eth1 and ifcfg=br0 configs to this post: My guest VMs are using static IP (with their DNS and Gaterway pointing to the host system).

Anybody got any ideas?

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(Roberto Sitzia) #2

Hi @medworthy

I’m not sure but I think that you need to create bridge (br0)
interface within admin Web UI because as far as I know (and for my
experience) NethServer needs to exeute a series of events due to various

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

@sitz is right, Do not create network bridges using WebVirtManager interface. Just create the bridge inside Network page and use it under WebVirtManager

(Mark Edworthy) #5

@sitz & @alefattorini, you are both right, this needs to be managed via Nethserver.