I can´t access Nethserver from https://xxxxx:980


I can´t access my server from Url


  • I can (yes) access Owncloud Console
  • The httpd service is running.
  • Firewall and Selinux is disabled.

Thanks for your help

Firstly, try https.

Is this a new installation, as the original UI, on port 980 is no longer installed by default.



Both doesn’t work. My Nethserver is old version. I try with:

Do you know where I see the port WebUi configured? I want confirm current number port


check httpd-admin service is up & running

Before, I didn´t use httpd-admin service. However, checked it. The service is not installed

[root@SRVOWNZZET02 ~]# systemctl -l status httpd-admin
Unit httpd-admin.service could not be found.

How I install that?

The service is related to the old server-manger on port 980. If it is not installed, then maybe the server has cockpit server-manager.

IIRC, to install the old server-manager (port 980):

yum install nethserver-httpd-admin

To check for cockpit:

systemctl |grep cockpit

Do you know solve that:

No match for argument: nethserver-httpd-admin

I think that *.repo doesn’t exists

In the other hand, I check cockpit. Don’t show nothing

What about?

yum install @nethserver-httpd-admin

To check for repos:

yum repolist    # or yum repolist -v

[root@SRVOWNZZET02 yum.repos.d]# yum install nethserver-httpd-admin
Última comprobación de caducidad de metadatos hecha hace 1:32:41, el vie 30 jul 2021 09:05:54 -05.
No match for argument: nethserver-httpd-admin
Error: No se pudo encontrar ningún resultado: nethserver-httpd-admin

What version of Nethserver are you running?

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Can you tell us which version of NethServer is installed? Are we dealing with 6.x or which one?

The Nethserver version is 6.x (6.9 or 6.10) I don’t remember exactly

Not that it makes much difference at this time (EOL):

cat /etc/nethserver-release

You can consider this:

Thank for all your help for now. Apparently, exist other problem in server, in operating system.