I can join DC but cannot login

Dear Community,
I’ve just fired up a brand new NS, with domain name DOMAIN-PDC.
Its IP addresses are as eth0, and an alias IP as eth0:0., all set through web GUI.
Then I’ve set, to two Win 7 clients, as DNS and as WINS, then applied winregistry patch.
Once done, I successfully joined DOMAIN-PDC domain.
Today, from both clients I got the infamous msg “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”.
Already experienced on this issue, I removed and rejoined clients to DOMAIN-PDC.
However, it happens that I receive join confirmation (welcome to DOMAIN-PDC domain) but cannot login anymore.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

If it happened after updating nethserver, it could be:


@dnutan: got it, we performed an update
by running

yum downgrade samba* tdb-tools libtdb libtevent libtalloc pytalloc libldb

as described in the URL you provided, now users can log on their profile.

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Until an upstream fix is available updates can be done excluding samba.
Keep an eye on the linked thread to know when the fix is available.

You’re welcome!