I am going on hiatus for an extended time

I have been having issues in my personal life, beyond my control so i am going on hiatus for a bit. I do not have the time to put toward NethServer. I have to focus my energy other places at this time. I may or may not return depending on if things cool off some here. I am completely exhausted with everything that is going on around me and its taken its toll on me at this point. I have a business to relocate, and a life to relocate and I need my focus to be there at this time. NethServer does show excellent potential and I am pleased with its functionality. I have been testing it out for some time, as for production I am not sure that it will meet my needs at this point. I have several other businesses that have shown interest in my abilities and that is where I am headed, hence the relocation. I am preparing for that as of now and need to have my networks rock solid at this point, for their review. I will come back im sure at a later time and get back into NethServer when the time is right. You all have been awesome, but it is time for me to go for now

Thank you all.

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Hi @PParker thanks and good luck for everything!

@PParker thank for your work so far! I hope you’ll back soon, good luck!

Thank you for your work and efforts, goodbye @PParker and as we use to say here in Italy “IN BOCCA AL LUPO!” that is a stronger “GOOD LUCK”!