HowTos on WebTop 5

I recently published these HowTos on WebTop 5:

I would like to ask for your help and contribution to improve them, what do you think?
My idea is to publish others in order to fill the lack of documentation on this product.


Great initiative @lucag
Gladly help out on this. I will have to dive into this, but sure can come up with something usable…

@lucag needs you to check his English if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

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i recently finished publishing other HowTo:

If you want to correct my English, I’m grateful :blush:


Great effort @lucag
I think I will have some time this weekend to have a look…


All this howtos are stable since have been tested for months on the Enterprise version.

Could we move everything inside the manual?

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Great work! I’ve gone through the guides and they are well written and easily understandable.

Absolutely, if there’s some hidden typo it may be corrected later IMO…


Howtos are now part of the official manual!


And evertyhing is ready to be translated:


Hi Luca,

I have integrated Nextcloud into Webtop and when sending an email link from within Webtop I ran into a problem because port 80 is per default closed on my router/firewall. However I have discovered how to change http port 80 to https port 443. This change also applies to the public images inserted in the signature. After this modification I only have https port 443 opened for public on my nethserver and it works.

In Webtop Administrator, Properties(system), the value of the public.url key of the service com.sonicle.webtop.core has to be changed from http to https.


Thank you @mvh for your contribution :wink:.

It is however necessary to specify that changing the Public URL is necessary by modifying the prop as indicated here, otherwise you would lose the change every time the signal-event nethserver-webtop5-update is launched.

With some clients, if the link of the public image inserted in the mailcard is in https and you do not have a valid certificate, you have problems.
This is why I preferred to recommend using port 80 in the howto.

Hi Luca,

Thank you for this explanation, this is most welcome to understand how things in nethserver works.

However the reason I bring this to the attention is because I first had nethserver provided with a Let’s Encrypt certificate and with testing from NextCloud with e-mail links they were default send with a https link. This is of course for safety reasons. If you subsequently integrate NextCloud into Webtop and send an e-mail link from Webtop the link is in http.

And if I understand correctly now I can solve this difference with executing the following command in order to record it in the nethserver so that it will be fixed in the configuration?

   config setprop webtop PublicUrl
   signal-event nethserver-webtop5-update

Is it possible to have a full disclosure of all the properties of WebTop?

Properties configurable from Nethserver are already documented.

You can find the same for all packages :wink:

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I ready translate to Russian!


Exactly like that :+1: