HowTo restore a single file from Proxmox Backup Server (PBS)?

I daily backup my virtual Nethserver running under Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE) to a Proxmox Backup Server (PBS). I tried to figure out howto restore a single file from my Backups.

Please test it and give us a feedback if it worked for you?

Login to your Proxmox PVE Server, the Name of my Storage under PVE is pbs01.


Make sure libguestfs-tools are installed under Proxmox VE:

apt-get install libguestfs-tools

List all Backups:

proxmox-backup-client list --repository root@pam@<Proxmox-Backup-Server-IP>:8007:pbs01

β”‚ group  β”‚ last snapshot               β”‚ backup-count β”‚ files                                                                                  β”‚
β”‚ vm/104 β”‚ vm/104/2021-01-03T17:21:21Z β”‚           19 β”‚ client.log drive-scsi0.img fw.conf index.json qemu-server.conf                         β”‚

Map the Backup:

proxmox-backup-client map vm/104/2021-01-03T17:21:21Z drive-scsi0.img --repository root@pam@<Proxmox-Backup-Server-IP>:8007:pbs01

Get your device-name:


NAME                                       MAJ:MIN RM  SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT
loop0                                        7:0    0  250G  1 loop
β”œβ”€loop0p1                                  259:0    0    1G  1 part
└─loop0p2                                  259:1    0  249G  1 part

Scan VGs:


inactive          '/dev/VolGroup/lv_root' [246.99 GiB] inherit
inactive          '/dev/VolGroup/lv_swap' [2.00 GiB] inherit

Change VGs to active:

vgchange -ay

2 logical volume(s) in volume group "VolGroup" now active

Scan VGs again:


ACTIVE            '/dev/VolGroup/lv_root' [246.99 GiB] inherit
ACTIVE            '/dev/VolGroup/lv_swap' [2.00 GiB] inherit

Create mountpoint:

mkdir /media/snapshot

Mount it readonly with:

guestmount -m /dev/VolGroup/lv_root -r -a /dev/loop0p2 /media/snapshot/

Do what you have to do, e.g. list ibays :

ls -alih /media/snapshot/var/lib/nethserver/ibay

Unmount it with:

umount /media/snapshot/

Deactivate VolGroup:

vgchange -a n VolGroup

Will be tested - as soon as my next batch of hardware arrives…
PBS is running, but will be getting new disks…


My 2 cents

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Do you know the HPE ProLiant MicroServer Gen10 Plus ?


Yes, I do. I have three clients using the Microserver Gen10.
RAM max is now 32 GB, before, on the Gen8 was 16 GB RAM.
The Gen10 has no IMPI, Gen 8 had a usable IPMI.

Nice and quiet boxes…

On mi Promox VE 6.3-4,

After mapping of mi save,
root@node1:~# proxmox-backup-client map vm/100/2021-03-18T11:00:01Z drive-scsi0.img --repository root@pam@
Image β€˜root@pam@’ mapped on /dev/loop0
root@node1:~# lsblk
*loop0 7:0 0 20G 1 loop *
*β”œβ”€loop0p1 259:0 0 18G 1 part *
└─loop0p2 259:1 0 1K 1 part

i scan VGs and i don’t find lv_root or lv_swap
root@node1:~# lvscan

  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/ceph-0981a7a5-be80-4006-9128-210395b5572a/osd-db-77b23226-23c9-4a53-9407-cecdca381fb8’ [186.30 GiB] inherit*
  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/pve/swap’ [32.00 GiB] inherit*
  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/pve/root’ [96.00 GiB] inherit*
  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/pve/data’ [<283.71 GiB] inherit*
  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/pve/vm-101-disk-0’ [4.00 MiB] inherit*
  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/ceph-a79b5f26-3185-46f8-a30e-41456588d2bd/osd-block-651d2a15-afd9-4af0-81a6-db11988ffba0’ [<1.82 TiB] inherit*
  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/ceph-1d08180b-ef50-4c97-97bf-461a50a7f0f6/osd-block-10536439-fa7f-494f-bab8-0995a77d696f’ [<1.82 TiB] inherit*
  • ACTIVE β€˜/dev/ceph-37490a0e-25a0-4c28-ba52-335d8f177822/osd-block-779d0203-43f0-4bcd-9f9b-7bcae577e13f’ [<1.82 TiB] inherit*

it doesn’t work for me.

Is there a missing step?

Hello lira_rospionne and welcome to the nethserver-community!

Usually at this point you should see inactive VGs e.g.:

The next step would be to activate it all with:

You then should do these steps:

Don’t forget to install the libguestfs-tools to be able to guestmount…

Tried it on a PVE 6.3-6

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Is there some one who have tried to install this backup client GitHub - sg4r/proxmox-backup-client: CentOS 7 or CentOS 8 Client for Proxmox Backup Server?
And make it work, then I would like some tips :innocent:


Tried to install it with:

yum install

yum install sg3_utils

But I have not tested it yet…

Wouldn’t it be cool to get it under the Nethserver GUI?


Proxmox 6.4 is out and brings us single-file restore:


yes testing right now… and it also works :partying_face:

well, seems to work with windows VM (ntfs), ubuntu (ext4) but not with nethserver standard install (maybe problem with lvm? :thinking: )
I’ll do some other tests…


I got this error:

Maybe xfs is the reason?

it seems it’s LVM:

but I have also a VM with xfs data disk (without partition) and can not access to it, i should try an xfs disk with one partition

Looks like a BUG: proxmox-backup-file restore cannot mount xfs

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fixed :+1: it works now (but only if at least 1 partition is detected)

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