Howto install Onlyoffice document server as Nextcloud app

I use this patch.
In nextcloud 13 with a self-signed cert I had to use the IP, FQDN did not work.

It’s the actual default but I think about using domain.tld

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It’s an amazing Job, I’ll test it soon. Thanks for everything

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Hello I’ve installed Onlyoffice with your howto.
It works well.
I’ve changed IP of nethserver, changed in admin - adv server sett - https://newip:8082
It works but when I edit a document:

It can’t load the menu and editor.
I’ve tested with a fqdn domain but I’ve the same problem.
Do you ever had this problem?

my best regards

Smoothly updated from previous rpm version. occ commands (for jw_secret, etc.) applied correctly. :+1:

Log shows:

Mar 22 22:42:48 server esmith::event[2531]: ERROR:  database "onlyoffice" already exists
Mar 22 22:42:48 server esmith::event[2531]: could not change directory to "/root"
Mar 22 22:42:48 server esmith::event[2531]: ERROR:  role "onlyoffice" already exists

Hello @paolo_bagnoli,

not exactly, I had the blue nav bar too, not the symbols only.
Did you apply this patch? It’s needed when you use a self-signed certificate.

You may try to install the module.

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Thanks for testing!
This is a typical case of lazy admin goes dev. I have to check if the database and user exists to throw no errors. Will be included in the next update…


package nethserver-onlyoffice not exist

It’s on mrmarkuz repository. Did you follow the instructions on the wiki?

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Yes, I m.
There is exist package nethserver-onlyoffice

Hi @vranivran,

did you manage it?

You have to install the repository first as described here.

yum -y install

It works! Thank you very much.:grinning:

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I tried it on a fresh installed server, without luck… onlyoffice

What are the prerequisites? Must I install nextcloud first?

Yes, you need nextcloud as it works through a nextcloud addon.

Just install nextcloud and run signal-event nethserver-onlyoffice-update afterwards.

OK, please forgive me my ignorance…

No problem, thank you, I just updated the wiki to make it more clear.


There was a last step to do. I just had to go to https://my-server-ip:8082 to be able to work with documents… Maybe a point for the wiki ?

Onlyoffice document server is an open document editing server. It’s used in Nextcloud via an app to edit office documents…

Is it even possible to work directly under onlyoffice like this: Video ?

Thanks for testing!


I think this video is about Community Edition which includes document server, community server and mail server: The community server provides document management as nextcloud does.

I never tried it but it looks interesting.

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Haven’t tried but I think it’s possible to have Nextcloud and OnlyOffice Document Server on different servers. In that case some additional checks by the action event could be convenient (check for the presence of nextcloud config file, occ command or rpm package?)

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Tried with a new install and it worked without accessing the document server address.