HowTo install GLPI 9.4.4 on NethServer 7.7

# Download and put glpi in right place
tar -xzf glpi-9.4.5.tgz
mv glpi /usr/share/

# Set owner to apache
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi

# Create httpd conf for glpi
cat << EOF > /etc/httpd/conf.d/glpi.conf
Alias /glpi /usr/share/glpi
<Directory /usr/share/glpi>
  Require all granted
  <FilesMatch \.php$>
     SetHandler "proxy:fcgi://"
<Directory /usr/share/glpi/files>
  Order Deny,Allow
  Deny from all
  Allow from
  Allow from ::1
  Allow from localhost

# Install Nethserver rh-php71 and extensions and mariadb 10.2 from stephdl repo
yum install

yum -y install nethserver-rh-php71-php-fpm rh-php71-php-mysqlnd rh-php71-php-mbstring rh-php71-php-gd rh-php71-php-ldap \
rh-php71-php-imap rh-php71-php-opcache rh-php71-php-xmlrpc nethserver-rh-mariadb102

# Create database and user
create database glpi;
grant all privileges on glpi.* to glpi@localhost identified by 'Your-MariaDB-SECRET';

# Restart services
systemctl restart httpd
systemctl restart rh-php71-php-fpm

# Install Wizzard

Username: glpi
Password: glpi

rm -f /usr/share/glpi/install/install.php


should be
Also point out that Your-DB-SECRET is the password for mariadb’s user gpli

does this module have ldap already integrated?

Hi Folks,

A new Version of GLPI is out:


Download: glpi-9.4.5.tgz

has this been updated yum install nethserver-glpi

well no, I have no time to package and follow all upstream release.

bEEN playing around with some essential GLPI modules

here is how to install
cd /usr/share/glpi/plugins/

tar -xvjf glpi-showconns-0.2.tar.bz2
rm -f glpi-showconns-0.2.tar.bz2
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

rm -f
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xvjf glpi-geninventorynumber-2.5.0-rc1.tar.bz2
rm -f glpi-geninventorynumber-2.5.0-rc1.tar.bz2
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xvjf fusioninventory-9.4+2.4.tar.bz2
rm -f fusioninventory-9.4+2.4.tar.bz2
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xzf glpi-pdf-1.6.0.tar.gz
rm -f glpi-pdf-1.6.0.tar.gz
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xzf glpi-domains-2.1.0.tar.gz
rm -f glpi-domains-2.1.0.tar.gz
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xzf glpi-databases-2.2.1.tar.gz
rm -f glpi-databases-2.2.1.tar.gz
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xzf glpi-webapplications-2.6.0.tar.gz
rm -f glpi-webapplications-2.6.0.tar.gz
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xvjf glpi-fields-1.11.0-rc1.tar.bz2
rm -f glpi-fields-1.11.0-rc1.tar.bz2
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

tar -xvjf glpi-metabase-1.1.0-rc1.tar.bz2
rm -f glpi-metabase-1.1.0-rc1.tar.bz2
chown -R apache:apache /usr/share/glpi/plugins

It is not possible to create a community organization on GitHub for all community packages?

It will be better I think ^^

how do you mean @Neustradamus

if you look my profile on github I am member of two organisations

@stephdl: Not public I think, I see nothing.

@oneitonitram: I see a lot of main “nethserver- …” packages from community in a lot of personal accounts, to have a better visibility, it will be better in a community organization.

And better to update it too.

Hello Expert,
I would like to install GLPI version 9.5.1 in NS7 Stable, last ISO update on 2020-05-05
Can I follow above steps?

Thank you

where exactly does one change glpi configurations access from private to public, somehow its giving me headache

Hello. I did everything according to the instructions, but it does not work for me
When i come in
I see
Service Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

@stephdl is GLPI updated to the latest version 9.5.5 as released in April here

Release 9.5.5 · glpi-project/glpi (

New Version has a nice Dashboard and icons.

You can play around with it here:
username: glpi password: glpi

Kindly update the Nethserver version as this install was done using softaculous.

unfortunatley the one installed by nethserver is GLPI 0.90.5

Yap, it needs to be updated to the latest Version.
I have shard a link for you to play around with the new version above You can play around with it here:
username : glpi password : glpi


im going to install the latest on a virtual host under nethserver install maria 10.3 and set it up like that with fusioninventory/flyve/php-saml ill post the steps once ive verified them

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Wonderful. the previus install version instructions required php71 while as its now EOL of some sorts. so cant be used to install.