How to use virtual host?

Hello,i had add 1 domain using (virtual host) options.
When i open the domain in browser hi show me exact the same think (like in var/www/html)
My virtual domain folder is :/var/lib/nethserver/vhost/mydomain
Why ?
I want each virtual domain, show what is in his folder.
How to fix this eror ?
Thank you.

Put a index.html in each virtualhost :sunglasses:

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I had put html themplate (i have index.html ).

Hi @roxlol
It works perfectly.

I created a VirtualHost

I created from shell a test index.html

echo "<p> This is the virtualhost page </p>" > /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/www2/index.html

and I opened the virtual host address from browser (attention to the cache)


Thank you,it works :grin:
I didn’t know ,i had to put:www ,on (Virtual host names (FQDN) )
Thank you very much again.