How to use pop3 connectors with gmail account after May 20/30 Google deadline

If i understood well latest Google announcements, starting to May 20 2022 it will end support for pop3 connections and, from May 30 2022, we will not have anymore possibility to use functionality “use less secure app”. So, if for the first deadline there’s not a problem due to possibility to use IMAP connectors, for the second issue, i will have a situation: so i must find a solution. In fact, i want to implement a Nethserver mailserver on my Proxmox hyervisor machine that download mails from a Google hosted domain. At this moment the system works well with a pop3 connector for every account on that domain, but to do so i must activate for those accounts the functionality “use less secure app” (that is the only way i find to use connectors). But as i said before, after May 30 system will not work anymore so, my final question. It’s that possible to use Netshserver/getmail connectors using an Gmail app password like a “normal” Thunderbird client? Thanks in advance to everyone.

Maybe imapsync could do the job

Ok, but even using imapsync you must to authenticate on a gmail account using a dedicated app credentials. But how to do this?

Not using something different in recent times, worth asking.
Switching to 2FA with “single service password” was tried?

In Gmail if you active 2fA you cannot have “use less secure app” functionality that is disabled by default. So, for an account with 2FA active you must use a specific password app generated before in Gmail. But i do not understand how to use a specifif app password with Netshserver pop3 connector.

IMVHO it’s simple…

  • create the “single service password”, name it “NethServer POP3”
  • note it separately
  • replace your gMail account password with the single service password in NethServer connector
  • ensure to use POP3s

Feel free to update any case.

Tried now to abilitate 2FA + dedicated password app for pop3 connector, using that password instead of my real gmail password, but doesn’t work.

From a desktop user “doesn’t work” can be accepted.
From a sysadmin question is: did you tale a look into your logs? Are generated messages from Google “hey i blocked your thing” into inbox?

From a desktop user “doesn’t work” can be accepted.
From a sysadmin Google is a “ufficio complicazione affari semplici” (translated from italian: “office which complicated simple issues” ) :grinning:

I have gMail. I Love it. But “free email” means only “ISP decide, you user swallow”.
I’m italian, I’m well aware about UCAS power :wink: