How to use firewall to block specific sites and games?

I created a service named “youtube” in the firewall objects…

Then in the firewall rules. I create a rule for youtube’'UDP port 443.

I chose the action “Reject” but still I can access the youtube. I also tried “Drop” but still nothing happens. Can someone please help me or clarify how to properly block a site/games/downloads using firewall rules in the nethserver. Thank you…

Please have a look at nDPI-feature of nethserver-firewall:

Please note that nDPI is limited: no reject, no any, etc in rules.

Youtube is special to block. In my experice not only the nDPI-youtube-traffic has to be blocked, also the nDPI-QIC-traffic.

A list of protocols can be found here:

Good luck!

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Firewall section is not the right tool.
ndpi addon could be a way (with bandwidth manager), another one could be the installation of proxy with content filter


I’ll do the things you guys told me. Thank you for the replies :slight_smile:


Another way to go would be putting in the DNS, pointing to your Nethserver or localhost.
The Nethserver could contain a custom error message in a virtual host (, telling users that youtube isn’t allowed in that environment.

Best would be several methods, combined.

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Hi jayay, could you paste here your solution as an example please? I’m still struggling with a similar problem.

I’ve used content filterning with list and Transparent proxy.

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That works fine if I can specify dedicated domains to block inside a custom category.
But is this possible to block traffic classes like according nDPI-Protocols?

I’m struggling with that…