How to use CalDav to sync Calendar between WebTop and Thunderbird/Android?


(Michael Träumner) #41

What is about installing another caldav server at nethserver and take it for synchronisation with thunderbird and WebTop?

(Markus Neuberger) #42

What about radicale or davical? Tested them long ago but they worked…

Calendar server
(Stéphane de Labrusse) #43

for those who want to play

(gabriele_bulfon) #44

First we need to expose REST APIs to have ways to manipulate calendar and contacts data without having to work with the database, leaving it to WebTop internals.
Then, we can think to integrate an external CalDAV/CardDAV server to operate through its REST APIs.

That’s the correct way to go, IMHO.


(Paolo) #45

Hi … I must have lost some in this thread … you said you can provide kind of template … I’d like to get it . Could you provide one ?

(Michael Kicks) #46

Replacing apps on desktop/laptops is ok. But personal devices (some of them also use CalDav and CardDav) cannot really replace installed/embedded Apps.

Also: import routines for addresses, mail or calendar are often file based, but sometimes most of the data lays on apps that can be connected to other apps (Outlook, Thunderbird, other PIMS/mail clients) which can be really nice to connect with protocols to mailserver (therefore, with the Groupware).

Mail server lays on system, but calendar and address book are on the groupware.
ActiveSync is good. But it’s not for everyone…

(Riens van Hertum) #47

Hello everyone,

At this moment I have installed the add-on TbSync in Thunderbird. Calendar, tasks and contacts are synchronized with WebTop. It works, but there are some quirks in it. Thunderbird may have become contaminated by many tests and I may have to reinstall it. Has any of you tested TbSync?

(Riens van Hertum) #48

There is also a Category Manager available as add-on which works.


(Saito Benkei) #49

It should be a new addon because I searched it for years…

(Riens van Hertum) #50

I am glad I found it and hopefully it will be developed further, It looks like it has been released on 27 april 2017 and the reviews are good.