How to use airvpn with nethServer?

I’ve set up my NethServer for home use and read about openvpn. I’ve successfully set up my server and client as “roadwarrior”. Now I’m trying to first connect my server to airvpn and have all clients at home to use vpn.
Server also has 2 wans with failover.
Could you point me in the right direction regarding using airvpn with NethServer?

no crystal ball here… what is airvpn? :slight_smile:

Guess it’s
Right @Magnus_Adrian ?

I’ll try and be more specific. I’m using NS at home as my all in all server.
I have 2 wans with Multi Wan working.
Clients are laptops, smartphones, ps4 and so on.
I have searched here in the support forum to find a way to use this vpn service on my NS server and make all clients go through vpn tunnel. I would also like to continue using my phone and laptop as “roadwarriors”. To be able to connect to my server when I’m not around the house to cut off the children’s internet access. :slight_smile:
Is this even possible?