How to uninstall nethserver and return to centos

NethServer Version: your_version
Module: your_module


With the command line, try yum remove nethserver-release-numberversion.rpm

But I’m personnally never try.

One other option could be format the Hdd, and install CentOs again.

I solved problem. I have centos 6.7 and installed nethserver after reboot nethserver was working , but i wanted to return to centos gui and uninstall netserver.only that in administrator user guide its not explained how to do that . So i was " ctrl+alt+f2" on keybord then enter username and password for centos after that “start x” and i enterd the gui. after that in add remove programs uninstalled all packets with “neth”. Reboot.After there was a problem becouse nethserver reconfigured my network setup and dns. I correct the conf file off network and samba server and then it all worked again .It is no need to reinstall centos or format hdd. So please put some additional explanitation in administrator manual of nethserver for " how to uninstall nethserver" becouse maybe someone will only try nethserver to see its posibillities.

Vm are done for tests…real/work os must not be used



never, Never, NEVER use a production server to make tests…
Use virtualbox and VMs