How to test NS7

Hi there,

since I finally managed to set up a VM with NS7 to test stuff. Is there something like a switch to get beta packages? Like changing the repo to testing or something like that?

Also, Redmine seems to not to have a NS7 project, is it still used? Because I don’t see any open bugs there, I was just wondering.

Do you offer the possibility to translate into german?

Edit: well, okay you moved to Github, forget about my question on that one.



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There are a couple of testing repositories: nethserver-testing for “official” packages and nethforge-testing for community-driven packages, but this may change in the future.
Testing packages can be installed individually without needing to permanently enable their repos.

If using VM taking snapshots come in handy before testing a new package.

Issues are tracked on github as you already found.

Most translations are handled through Transifex.

Further details are compiled in: