How to take a video of the defective sector of a hard disk?

Hi all,

I ordered 2 x Intenso Exceria Plus G2 2TB SSD Hard Drive M.2 in november 2023, recieved them on december 2023.

Email received from Proxmox => 2024-02-08 22:44

Device: /dev/sda [SAT], ATA error count increased from 5 to 7

Email received from Proxmox => 2024/02/25 23:37

status: One or more devices could not be used because the label is missing or
invalid. Sufficient replicas exist for the pool to continue
functioning in a degraded state.
action: Replace the device using ‘zpool replace’.
see: Message ID: ZFS-8000-4J — OpenZFS documentation

Email received from Proxmox => 2024/02/29 12:13
Proxmox disconnected the device sda

ZFS has detected that a device was removed.

2024/03/01 11:28
From the vendor web site, in my account, I asked for a RMA to return the defective disk
I included the above emails and just a few lines of log many look-alike errors:

Feb 29 23:51:09 MAHO-PVE-2 kernel: I/O error, dev sda, sector 1330782273 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 1 prio class 2
Feb 29 23:51:09 MAHO-PVE-2 kernel: I/O error, dev sda, sector 1869750346 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x0 phys_seg 1 prio class 2

I would like to receive a RMA to return this disk and get it replaced ASAP

Email received from vender => 2024/03/04 14:01

To read our message, log in to MY ACCOUNT and click on My orders > View return status.

I login to MY ACCOUNT and read the message:

Dear customer,
we apologize for the inconvenience.
Regarding your return request, please attach a video showing the damage / defect / malfunction of your item in order to find a solution.
Please send it directly to indicating your order number in the subject field.
We are looking forward to your reply.
Please respond within the next 7 days, otherwise, after this period, your return request will be automatically closed.
Thank you in advance.
Kind regards, Tradeinn Team
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Please can someone tell me how to take a video of the defective sector of a hard disk?

In all my life as a tech, I never saw such a request.


There is this meme going around the internet, unfortunately it only makes sense in Italian…

“I reported to the plumber that I have a leaky faucet and he wanted a picture…”
“Ho segnalato all’idraulico che ho il rubinetto che perde e lui ha voluto una foto…”

In Italian “perdere” can mean both “to lose” and “to leak”

You could still take a video of the log with a smartphone

tail -f /path/of/the/log

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Take a video of the console booting, and when hanging (trying to activate the disk)

Easiest would be to use a smartphone for that, but there are other ways…

My 2 cents

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Hi all,

After posting the above, I answered the message received by the vendor.

Today I received this message from the vendor.

Thanks to the “knowlegeable people” of NethServer forum :slight_smile:

I am answering the last message with 3 questions:

  1. What is the RMA number and what is the exact address to send back this defective 2TB disk ?
  2. Do you have a label to attach to the package to send back to you ?
  3. What shipping company should I use ?



Hi all,

Received another email.


I can not see any message there…

It’s really getting painfull to deal with such a vendor.



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Hi All,

After my last post I replied to their last email.

I got a reply:


Now they say “They will contact you…in 3-5 business days…”

I think I should buy another disk from a real supplier and not wait a month to receive the returned disk…

I’m losing more money responding to an incompetent person than this disk is worth.

Instead, I should spend my time doing constructive work on NS8.



Hi all,

I ordered a new 2TB disk from a reliable supplier (400 Km from Montréal) yesterday at 14h54.
Today at 10h47 it was delivered to my door.

I wonder how long it will take to receive the replacement one from the original “peanut stand” Tradeinn?
Still waiting for the answer from the returns department.

It is not traders like Tradeinn and those of the same ilk who will save Europe and make it regain its leading status…


The saga continues… just to confirm Napoléon…

2024-03-07, at 13h23 HNE I received an email:


I login to see the message.

I wanted to reply to the last message:

“Since I do not see “the warranty offered above”, I will post the above and ask the same knowledgeable people if they see what I can’t.
Verify my question on: How to take a video of the defective sector of a hard disk?
Waiting for an answer from those knowledgeable people if they see what I can’t.”

  • But by the time it took me to capture the message screen, etc…

I received another email at 13h46 HNE


I read the message.

Since I do not know if this applied to the defective 2TB disk, I asked for an explanation.


At 13h47 HNE, I received an email in Spanish…


At 13h50 HNE, I received another email…

I looked again at the message page. Not a new message but an add-on to a previous one.

Not knowing what will be the next email, I printed the label and the non commercial invoice, both 2 times. I got the original package, packed the disk, included the label and the commercial invoice inside the package and also taped both on the outside.

I wrote a message just to make sure they will see it:


I rushed to DHL and sent the package before receiving another mysterious message about something is wrong, or etc…

The ball is on their side.

To be continued…


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