How to sync webtop calendar with android & iPad

NethServer Version: 7
Module: webtop5
Hi all,

it’s not quite a NS-issue, but an android- & iPad-question. But since I see more people with my setup, I’ll drop it here:
I have webtop5 running on my homeserver, and succesfully sync my mail between NS and my iPad & android phone. But I want to do the same with calendar. It is possible, as stated in docs. But how?
Can someone (e.g. @happnatious1 because he posts he did so) explain to me how to set it up (what kind of account to choose on my device, which ports etc?) .
For example, on my android: when adding an account I can choose (apart from dropbox, twitter etc) for exchange, IMAP, POP. What to choose? None seems true?
Any help is welcome,

I abandoned webtop5 because I couldn’t sync the calendar with Thunderbird. I’m using SOGO. However I think I had calendars syncing with android by setting it up as a Microsoft exchange account. Enter your neth server address and use your full user name ie…

Hi Rolf, WebTop supports activesync. So you can just set up and “Exchange account” on your devices