How to stop windows auto updates

Good day, how can i stop these on nethserver: windows auto updates, and some url links

Good day… would you please elaborate a bit more your setup and your goals? :slight_smile:

windows keeps updating, is it possible to stop it with nethserver?

I should say yes, neverthless I never tried to stop it.
Moreover, IMVHO disable updates means disable "also security updates, which I don’t think it’s the best idea.

Consider also that Windows 10 can “share” installed updates among LAN.

thanks, what do you think i can do to stop it?

Content Filtering
(this leads to Proxy)
(this leads to firewall)

Again, I don’t advise or suggest to block windows updates.

okay, thank you.

With Windows 10 Pro, you can set a Group Policy to prevent downloading or installing updates. If you’re in an AD environment (which could be managed by Nethserver), you can push that setting to connected computers. But I wouldn’t rely on any form of web-blocking technology for this.


I would go with danb35 solution :slight_smile:

GPO are a good way to stop this.

thanks, GPO work perfectly.