How to setup up website on Nethserver 7 Beta 2


I am a long time user of SMESERVER and administer a number of sites. I am looking for a replacement OS and NETHSERVER seems the obvious choice. I installed 7 beta 2 yesterday and I can make everything work as I need except the “ibays”. I thought that the shared folder function was the same as the SMESERVER concept of the ibay but that does not seem to be the case.

When I create a shared folder I can use it as a NAS for the local network BUT I would like to create a website that I can reach from the outside world.

Is their a configuration option that I am missing ?
Is their a specific module that I have to install ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Since NS 7, ibays are only for samba. The web implementation has been moved to a specific module: nethserver-virtualhosts.

Take a look at this:

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Thank you for your rapid response. I should have looked further than the end of my nose.


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Hi @JHolloway, thank you for asking!

Please don’t forget to mark your support request as “solved” and let us know your impression about the virtualhosts module!

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Your experience sounds very interesting! Would you mind to chiping in this discussion? I’d like to know your feelings

We have discussed it extensively before change this behaviour, eventually we have chosen to improve each part separately. Take a look:


Thank you for your help. I am struggling with the differences between the virtualhost implementation and the ibay procedure that I am used to.

If I want to create a “subdomain” gallery I would add an ibay called gallery on smeserver make it accessible and then I would be able to navigate to domain/gallery and find my website.

What to do I put in the virtualhost dialogues to make the same thing happen ?


You can simply create the directory using ftp :slight_smile:

I will give that a try, and let you know how I get on.

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I have tried to setup a website on my test NETHSERVER installation but I am still struggling. These are the steps I have taken and perhaps someone can point me in the right direction.

I have created a virtual host called

(b) … I have entered via FTP (using the username / password from virtual host) and uploaded an html file called index.html to the directory I was taken to.

© … I navigate to the ip address of nethserver a.b.c.d/gallery and I receive a 404 error.

This problem and finding a replacement for AFFA are now the only things stopping my migration from SMESERVER.



Please try with your newly defined host name:

…it must be in DNS or /etc/hosts!

A nice feature is to create the directory automatically (with a checkbox in the form) with the name entered in the virtualhost. So the user will no longer have to create it manually.

I was making this more complicated than it really is. All it seems I had to do was add a directory gallery to

/var/www/html and that seems to work a treat.