How to setup the web server to host an intranet site for our ERP

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.6.1810 (final)
Module: Web server Configuration tools for Apache web server

Base system
(*) installed

  • php-mbstring
  • php-pecl-memcached
  • php-mysql
  • php-gd

As I said before, I’m in the migration process of an old SBS2000 server, the process is slow with some rough edges (from our side), and now I face another. This old SBS hosts an IIS local “site” for an ERP, the users using IE connect to this site and download de apps controls to work with it; I manage to create a program to “wrapper” the client controls (ActiveX), but it stills need the “site” to hosts some report files and pages (manuals).

So I wonder if I can hosts the same site using nethserver, in Software center I found the “Web server” and I got installed the package as above.

But I wonder if there is something that I need to read to mimic the same behavior of IIS on nethserver to host that site for our local use.
When I go the the local IP of nethserver: I got a page banner from nethserver
but if I go to domain IP It doesn’t show anything.
I got this shared folder when I put the html pages and files to use in the ERP, I don’t see the tab for use with the web server:

I lost the link where other user asked for the same. Searching I found this links:

I want read more to accomplish this task, and not to blindly try anything (by myself).

Maybe the right path is:

  • create one virtual host, named “erp”
  • copy there (where?) the html files, etc on the folder for that virtual host
  • pry for the best :wink: and touchdown!

Lastly, I wonder if I can have an alias for this nethserver:

  • ads.avion.lan / as server.avion.lan
    so if the virtual host is the right path my users can access the site as:


If you need to publish a site you don’t have to create a Shared Folder and share it on the web (it isn’t NS6). You have to create a Virtual Host into “Virtual Hosts” page, access it from SFTP and upload your html files into /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/vhostname

Thank you,

Thinking twice, I believe that I’ll need to divide this:

  • The virtual host sited needed for the applications.
  • Create a shared folder for the reports module, that allows us read/write access.

So, I’ll try to accomplish the first point, I don’t know what more to read, I create the vhost, put an index.html file, browse to the site but nothing is showed.

You retrieve a blank page or error page?
Try to put an index.html and write into it “hello world”.

Check also that you can ping erp.avion.lan from the computer. But “erp.avion.lan” is the FQDN of your server? If yes you need to use /var/www/html folder: if I don’t make a mistake you can’t create a Vhost for your FQDN.

I write the index.html into:

ls -l /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/erp/
total 4
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 178 Mar 8 12:57 index.html

Maybe I do it wrong:
my server name is: ads.elavion.lan

As the image above shows, I wrote in the FQDN “erp.avion.lan”, this is wrong?

I change the FQDN to:

and is working now:
BUT, I think that it needs to works as: erp.avion.lan rigth?

If I wrote the IP it works too

But now I wonder if I can put another virtual host and works too :thinking:, this to create a site for other uses as development for somethings that I want to learn. *** trying now.

Isn’t working correctly…
It opens the index.html that is inside of /var/www/html

Maybe I need to “disable” the default one? it says that the FQDN is “Any”, but how?

In the DNS section it shows the alias

but not in the hosts section

What you insert into FQDN of Virtual Host is what you write on URL.
Then check that you have a DNS entry of FQDN of Virtual Host.

Remove index.html from /var/www/html to have some test. And then try to configure Virtual Hosts with my suggestions.


I need to put only the vhost name without the domain part

and now both works

As always, I believe that the FQDN needs to be: “” but this is just “vname” to work. :thinking:

Yes, but if you call the Virtual Host only with “erp” FQDN obviously should be “erp”.

As I say

Indeed, “erp” is what you write on the URL.

If all works correctly, please close this topic.

Almost… done.
I was thinking that the domain controller (ip was the resolver for this sites, but not, the resolver is the nethserver (, I add the IP on the TCP4 DNS on windows, now I can access the sites by their names.

The documentation says all but at first I don’t understand:
If enabled under “Additional actions” an alias for the server is automatically created on “DNS > Server alias”, but it’s useful only for clients that use the server as DNS.

So, I need to add the DNS on my Linux computer to works too.

Thank you for your assistance! :star_struck::dark_sunglasses:

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