How to setup a website (once again!)

I went through the few forum discussions about setting-up a website using Virtual Hosts.
eg. Scared to try to use NS and vhosts

It seems the NS team made some changes on how websites are setup moving them from the “Shared Folders” settings to “Virtual Hosts”… all good and a nice management setup.

We still don’t have our network using the NS DNS since we’re still testing but I would like users to access a PHP based web application hosted on NS. I setup a VH and gave it a FQDN and FTP and uploaded the files. But I don’t know how to have NS serve the site using just the IP

Using the FQDN doesn’t work since clients are still not using the NS DNS, they are still connected to a Windows AD so they can’t resolve the FQDN setup in the Virtual Host.

I did upload the website files to /var/www/html/website/ and using works fine but I don’t understand when I should use /var/www/html/ to host websites and when to use Virtual Hosts… I’m confused here.

Also, if using /var/www/html/ is the simpler recommended method, what’s the best way to upload files into that directory? How do I share the /var/www/html/website/ folder to copy/FTP the website into it and make sure apache has the rights to serve it?

Good day to all!

You can’t: virtual hosts use the domain name (it’s an HTTP specification).

Justadd a new A record to your DNS server for the NethServer IP address.

a2ensite doesnt allow for that? I thought it did. Ill mess around with it.