How to set user and password protect Rspamd


(Ya Ley) #1

**NethServer Version:7.5
**Module: Mail Filter
After update to 7.5 and using Rspamd and it is very good features. However, I have some question:

  • how to set password protect Rspamd
    +If I use Rspamd, no need enable DNSBL ?

Thank you

(Markus Neuberger) #2

Hi @Ya_Ley,

Users that are members of admin group may access rspamd:

It should be enabled by default in rspamd, @stephdl please correct me if I am wrong:

[root@server2 rspamd]# cat /etc/rspamd/modules.d/emails.conf | grep dnsbl
            dnsbl = "";
            dnsbl = "";

(Ya Ley) #3

Hi @mrmarkuz

Thank you so much.

(Ya Ley) #4

Hello @mrmarkuz
Please advice to add more DNSBL like a

Thank you

(Markus Neuberger) #5

Here’s some info about how to add a blacklist:

(Jonathan Dumont) #6

zen.spamhaus and barracudacentral are pretty the most common DNSBL list.

here a comparative

By aware, some list are free but have a quota of queries per day/month, when you reach this quota, it’s like if you don’t have them.

By experience, you don’t really need to have more than 2.
After that it’s depend how you configure your services;
IE: it is ban the email if it is matching at least two lists or ban the email if it is matching at least once may do a big difference. (but i’m not sure rspamd offer this)