How to run a bash script at boot (nethserver7 bare-metal)

I need to execute a bash script at boot (fire up a openvpn client, scp some files and stop)
I think the “official” way to do this is by using actions, but i cant get it at all.
Can someone guided me through this?

Hi @Raulm, I don’t know what you tried until now, but I’d love to share some (obvious) things about Nethserver: under the hood, is “just” a customized version of CentOS7. A the point than unfortunately there’s no updated version (with a fresher kernel) since… too much time, IMVHO.

You referred to Actions, so maybe it’s related to this part of the developer documentation.

Maybe you did the right thing but into the wrong place, so… would you please share a bit more about what you tried without success?
Moreover, I’d suggest you a different “angle” for the issue: you wrote

and maybe… at boot is not the right moment/place to do that? Maybe that script should be done after the server had a correct interface connection? Your topic do not specify (yet) your current network setup of your installation and maybe… the firing up of a OpenVPN client (which could be achieved also via Nethserver interface) should be the trigger for scp the files?

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What i really need is to establish a site-to-site VPN BUT i can’t control the “other” side of the net.
They only give me a .ovpn file.
I never understood how to put this single file into that certificate text box in “tunnel client” tab in the neth-gui
So i fall back into a manually execute a script which first connect to the other host, then scp some files, then rsync another bunch of files and last drop the vpn connection.
So i tried to automatize this process creating a crontab to do it a couple of times a day.
But sometimes (specially when im not in here…) power outages occurs, so i need to run the script automatically when power comes back
(What would solve my problems -and also my users whims- will be a site-to-site nethserver how-to)

Thanks for explaining your goals.
Now: your Nethserver installation which zone use? Only Green? Green+RED?

Red DHCP provided by isp

So in my personal opinion the connection of OpenVPN (and subsequent commands) should be triggered at every “connection” of the Red interface. :slight_smile:


THX to everybody. I was able to solve the problem taking a different approach.
I setup a permanent site-to-site vpn between both offices so the users are able to access all shared folders in the main server, so i no longer need to do the sync.
The trick was to edit the provided .ovpn file and extract user, ca and key certificates to fulfill the form in the vpn → client tunnel nethserver gui

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Mark your post as the solution. Which technically is not, but whatever! :slight_smile:

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The initial question was not related to the real wish :wink: