How to Restore Tar Backup in NethServer


I have created Tar Backup of

Now i want to restore backup in NS and tell us to good way to take backup from RSYNC tool.
because i have tried to take backup from NS backup module but its so bulky and unorganized.

SO please tell us Is there any other way to take backup of NethServer and How to restore tar backup in NS.


if you did a tar of those dirs, to restore, just untar them in the right place…

about rsync: once you know what to backup, just create your script as you prefer…

yuo already have a backup tool on NS but seems you don’t like it… do you really expect us to do your homework? :wink:

Step by step I made in testing before going into production

  • I do backup via Windows Sharing
  • I install Nethserver
  • Install modules that use
  • Update the system
  • I set up babkup module to the same Samba server Share
  • Do restore all ( Menu Restore Data)
  • Then I’ll Restore (Configuration)
  • Perform restoration

And if the same hardware not even need to configure your network.
And always do a fresh install with the server with the same name as the old installation

Piece of Cake

The entire process from installation takes about 30 minutes

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Dear Alex,

i have setup backup through same system (NS) via NFS on localhost. and shared /backup through NFS.
when i set backup module for full backup, it creates 200 tar backup files like this .

root@mc # ll /backup
-rw- nfsnobody nfsnobody 262090662 Nov 29 23:39 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol985.difftar.gz
-rw-1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262122544 Nov 29 23:40 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol986.difftar.gz
-rw-1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262103378 Nov 29 23:40 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol987.difftar.gz
-rw- 1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262101379 Nov 29 23:40 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol988.difftar.gz
-rw- 1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262119630 Nov 29 23:41 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol989.difftar.gz
-rw- 1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262119660 Nov 29 18:39 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol98.difftar.gz
-rw- 1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262090348 Nov 29 23:41 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol990.difftar.gz
-rw–1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262105403 Nov 29 23:42 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol991.difftar.gz
-rw–1 nfsnobody nfsnobody 262091883 Nov 29 23:42 duplicity-full.20151129T170114Z.vol992.difftar.gz

So i am worried how to restore these 200 Tar files after crashing my server or newly bulit NS server .


Please don’t open multiple topics about the same issue, go ahead on the first one.

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