How to remove Zabbix complete from Nethserver

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: Zabbix

Hello friends,

just installed Zabbix on my Nethserver Dc and must have made a mistake. As authentication I set the settings for LDAP/Samba and then changed the password for the admin account.But I forgot this step:

Zabbix needs the Samba4 AD / LDAP user pre-created in the database, without password.
Go to Administration / Users
Click new user (top right)
Alias: username (equal as user in Samba4 AD / LDAP)
groups: add group you want the user to be member of.
Leave password empty
Set other preferences as you need them.
click add.

Now I can not log in to Zabbix. Resetting the admin password does not work either.
I want to uninstall Zabbix completely including database. How should I proceed?




Hi Uwe

These instructions should help:

Remove Zabbix Module:

yum -y remove zabbix* nethserver-zabbix

Remove PostgreSQL Datenbank:

su - postgres
dropdb zabbix

PostgreSQL will not be uninstalled with this step, only the Zabbix database in PostgreSQL will be completly removed.

Removing leftover files:

Remove this file

rm /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/zabbix

and both folders:

  • /var/lib/nethserver/zabbix
  • /etc/zabbix

This should enable you a reinstall of Zabbix according to @mrmarkuz module. Maybe he has additional info… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


Removing the database is most important. It will be recreated after installation or with

signal-event nethserver-zabbix-update


Thanks@ Andy_Wismer and mrmarkuz. Now after remov and reinstalling it works. The rest i will do tomorrow. My bed is calling.

Gut’s Nächtli…