How to remove cups?


How to remove CUPS ?
I have install cups to see few things.
After seeing what I want to see, I want to remove Cups…
In the Softare Center, I click on remove…
in the log, I can see

Sep 20 21:08:14 Erased: nethserver-cups
Sep 20 21:08:15 Erased: nethserver-avahi

But in Network service, I still see the twos services:

In the Software Center, Cups and Avahi are in the Availables app.
In the CLI, I can restart the avahi-daemon service…
In the CLI, I done yum remove cups… And It`s still here…

maybe that list shows only the configured network services…
it doesn’t show the status of the services themselves…

it could be a bug…

The Network Services page displays all registered services.
If the package is uninstalled, ports are still open.
If you want, you must remove the record manually:

config delete <service_name>

There is no easy way to safely remove the configuration after the uninstall process.

Perhaps the name “Network Services” is misleading: it’s about the firewall configuration of TCP/UDP ports. It does not regard the running daemons.

I will try it for CUPS, I want the avahi-daemon.

When I did the yum remove cups, It remove 5 packages.
I will verify if it`s really done… :grimacing: