How to properly configure MX records?


(Accendo1979) #1

I have currently just set up a server at home and installed Nethserver with the mail server package with roundcube. I have created the user and email account. I want to use nethserver as my email server to send and receive email.

I have port forwarded 465 for smtps and 25 for smtp.

Now a few questions below.

What do I put for the MX records for my domain DNS records? This part I have not done before and am confused what to put here. I have read up on what an MX record is but I am still unclear on what to put. I have a host section to fill out, then the IP address to point to my server location. The host section I am not sure what to put, is it the hostname of the nethserver, as in or something else?

Can someone give me an example. Anyone else have a home email server with a registered domain address.


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(Alessio Fattorini) #2

Who is the dsn domain owner? Check it with
Find the owner and on dns configuration modify mx records filling out NethServer public IP (be static is mandatory)

(Accendo1979) #3

Ok, my registered domain holder is and there’s whole a list of nameservers down the bottom of the listing. Here is a screenshot of my record options. Yes my ISP IP is static.
screenshot of DNS record options

(Alessio Fattorini) #4

Create a cname like this <-> your.ip.static

Then into the MX configuration:
host = (empty)
Answer =

To find out more check also

(Mark G) #5

@alefattorini maybe I’m mistaken but cname shouldn’t be used on an A record’s name?
I mean
A 123.234.432.321

(Accendo1979) #6

Ok, I found some more information, apparently I am supposed to make an A record and leave the host section blank which will just have my domain name, and my external IP in the answer box. Then I am to create an MX record and put in the host section, and fill in in the answer section.

So yeah, I think the A record does the IP pointing, while MX just does the mail forwarding part only. Once I get a chance I will test this out, because it takes 1-4 hrs for my domain host to update these details. I will get back to you guys once I have tested it out and report back.

Thanks for the reply’s, I will try both of your ways out and see what happens.