How to port foward to backup link


I have 2 links, one link a primary as ip dynamic but more speedy and a second with ip fixed, but the second link only 1 mb. And second link is configure with multiwan to backup link, but i have a port forward off second link to a host on my lan, its possible?

Thanks for help

Hi @ibinetwork

You want a host has access to the internet link 2?


External access to one port with link2 and forwarded to a host on lan

The problem is the internal host block access, the nethsever is fowarding correct, sorry guys!

Of course my friend, PortForward.

Please note the following:

The WAN link must have fixed ip
If the WAN link using dhcp you must create an alias to wan

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You want to access a host on your internal network and can not?

Yes access it only port foward, problem the host is blocking external access, i am test with other host and its ok. But in this host i am not have access to verify the problem.

Check if the host has enabled some firewall?

I dont have access to this host, is a server with ERP by other company

@ibinetwork the title would be (without access to a host from the local network) and not (How to port foward to backup link)

And you want to access the ERP service?

Only by IP Lan

That is ; you have local access to the ERP server, but you want to access from the Internet to ERP Server too?

Yes exact!

It’s easy, you must redirect the port to ERP Server.


Protocol ----- Origin port -------destination host ------- destination port ------ wan ip (interface)
TCP ------------- 5674 ------------ Server ERP ---------------- 1443 -------------------- ISP2

check the port used by the server ERP

A problem with this host, its only accept access from ip of lan 192.168.x.x, other ips its block.

:confused: The ERP server is on a different IP range of the local network?

No, its but on access from external ip exemple erp server block because dont have a ip lan


You used sNAT 1:1

Create an alias to the preferred WAN, creating a host on the firewall to the server ERP
Then you set in sNAT 1:1 the alias created for the host created

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What is the name of the erp and the database?

Alejandro Guerra