How to name the AD domain?

I have a problem with naming the Active Directory domain of an internal server.

According to

you have some options to name your AD domain:

  • The domain you use publicly (e.g.
    This is not recommended because you get big problems (as Trump would say) with DNS.
    But: apart from that it will work perfectly in NethServer.

  • The domain you use publicly with a not-existing TLD (e.g. exmaple.local or exmaple.internal, …)
    This was the recommended proceeding years ago, but is not recommended anymore (see links above for details).
    Problem in NethServer: every user is assigned the (totally useless) E-Mail address “user@example.local”. And there is no way known to me to deactivate this.

  • A subdomain of the domain you use publicly. (e.g.
    This is recommended by all publications I read.

But you got problems in NethServer:

  • The NetBIOS name (which is automatically assigned) will be “AD” and can’t be renamed (as far as I know).
  • Every user is assigned the (also totally useless, see above) E-Mail address "". And this can’t be deactivated.

So how to proceed?

Is there a chance to use the “mail” field of the AD user as the E-Mail address instead of the login with AD domain name as suffix? So option 2 und 3 may be considered?
And is there a chance to rename the NetBIOS domain in option 3?

If this can’t be done, I think I would go on with option 1 and try to go round the DNS problems…


This will be fixed soon! I’m working on it!

This will be possible in the near future, too!

Here there is a possible enhancement on the dnsmasq forwarding configuration, too!

BTW, great recap @uliversal!!

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Wow, @davidep, that’s great news! :blush:
I don’t want to hustle you, but can you give a rough timeline for this?

(And is there a way I can support you?)

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Our roadmap is here:

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I would deactivate it by default or you should be able to choose it during the new user creation

I prefer this solution and I would work on DNS issues workarounds, I see that @davidep is already working on that though. Good to know :slight_smile:

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A package is ready to test it! You can install the RPM from nethserver-testing repository:

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-mail-server-1.10.8-1.5.g8683219.ns7.noarch

It allows to safely (from the mail-server point of view) delete the primary domain record under ‘Email > Domains’ page. See also