How to manually migrate mailboxes

After trying multiple times to migrate from SME 8.1 to Nethserver 6.6, I finally gave up. The LDAP / users DB seems so corrupted on old server, that httpd and slapd on Nethserver refused to start after migration. I have now manually created all users, all groups, all mail-aliases, host, alias etc on the new server. Only thing left of value is the mailboxes. Is it safe to:

  1. In /etc/e-smith/events/migration-import/ leave only S40nethserver-migrate-mailboxes and delete everything else before running signal-event migration-import - OR
  2. Running the script /etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-migrate-mailboxes - OR
  3. Copy mailboxes manually, chown, chmod and doing the sieve-thing according to the script

Regards Vagn Eriksen

Well, I didn’t test it; just looking at the code, the action should work. Pass the path to the exploded backup as second argument (the first one does not matter).

/etc/e-smith/events/actions/nethserver-mail-migrate-mailboxes xxx /path/backup