How to make NethServer use a Proxy

I install Nethserver in an Intranet behind a Squid Proxy. How do I make NethServer to use the Proxy?

If you have Squid as a transparent proxy, and the Squid server is also your Gateway, you don’t have to configure anything, NS will be a proxy client and use Squid.
If Squid is configured as non transparent proxy, you will have to configure NS as proxy client with the settings of the Squid server.

For what you want it? you can set it at /etc/yum.conf for you, you can set
it in user /root/.bash_profile for root.


This option solves this?

Hi. I added the proxy= line in yum.conf

But it is somehow crazy. NethServer is offering the Option to BE a proxy via AdminGUI, but not to USE a proxy.

NethServer 1 in DMZ, configured as a proxy
NethServer 2,3,x,x in Intranet. They need to use NethServer1 to communicate with the Internet.

I am getting less and less the point for using NethServer. I thought I can save my network administrators to dive deep into linux. Actually I keep the Proxy.
But as Webserver and Database Server it seems completely useless, even hindering for me…
NethServer 6.7 has PHP5.3. I can not even install phpmyAdmin on it.

I think the biggest issue for NethServer is the Documentation. The existing documentation looks nice, but is completly unsufficient. Already to configure the Proxy settings for above’s Use Case do not exist (I searched and searched). Same as how to update PHP Version

Another thing: Even with the proxy line in yum.conf the NethServer can not install. You really have a serious issue here.

NethServer is downloading the Software with the yum.conf proxy line, BUT during installation of the previously via Software Center downloaded files he tries to contact God and the rest of the World, so the circle of the webinterface is turning endlessly. After 1 hour of waiting I openend the Firewall and immediately the installation finished.

Clearly: NethServer in this configuration is not suitable for companies in Intranets behind firewalls. Maybe there is a solution for it, but it is not in the documentation (at the right place: Installation)

Unfortunately, there’s no visible interface support to use NethServer in a network connected to the internet through an http proxy.
But I’ve successfully installed NethServer in an intranet behind a closed firewall adding proxy= in yum.conf.

What error did you get when you tried?

I think we could add an howto document for a “behind proxy” scenario until we implement feature #3154.

Me too i had i set that way at my work and no issues.