How to log in jabber Webmin

I try to get into the Web Admin via the internal 192.168.xx: 5280 / admin asks me Username & Password I put admin, the password I do not know whether or qaule tried everything also the root of what I have to put to work the chat

do you mean server manager GUI or webmin? if the latter, you can’t use webmin on NS

no I misspoke excuse I would use the Jabber chat and I can not farllo how do you ???

Hi Antonio @k1000,
you must enter to access the credentials of an account Jabber full (user@yourdomain) with administrator rights on services ejabberd (all users who are members in the group “jabberadmins”).
This way you should not have more access problems :wink:.

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Thanks now I did thank you.
I asked to change the room I always comes out Example Org to change this automatically like I do