How to lock to a specific distribution release

** 2018-05-30 OBSOLETE **

This #howto is obsoleted by this new feature

Refer to the Software center section of the administrator’s guide for more information

NethServer and CentOS package updates are stable and well tested, but when a new upstream version occurs something can break suddenly, expecially if automatic updates are applied with no human supervision! :scream_cat:


  • This procedure must be avoided in Subscription and Enterprise
    installations (they are already supervised)!
  • Human supervision of automatic updates is required in any case!

Sometimes you may need to lock the server to a specific release, like 7.4.1708. For instance, you enabled automatic updates but do not want to update automatically when a new CentOS/NethServer minor version is available.

This #howto does not include the following upstream repositories, because they do not provide minor version paths, like 7.4.1708. They just provide 7, so a human supervision of the automatic updates is required in any case:

  • EPEL
  • SCL

The procedure is available here


Should refer to

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You’re right! The page is wikified: can you fix it for me, please?

See “image

Link is adjusted to the correct url.

/edit: just went through the procdure for my home server and looks like this is working great. 7.5 update is not listed anymore in software center updates.