How to let MS AD Users change their passwords with NethServer?

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)
Hi community!

I’ve been recently taking a look at NethServer to run a vast variety of application services for my home-lab/business and so far, its great! However, I have one big snag keeping it from 100%:

  • I have spent nearly 2 weeks attempting to figure out how to let Microsoft AD users change their passwords by themselves.

I’ve done all sorts of Google-fu + searching on this forum in attempts to find a solution to no avail. I know NextCloud has the ability to support this feature, but it appears bugged and always states “Wrong password” when attempting to change.

If anyone can provide some guidance so I can stop beating my head against a brick wall, I’d highly appreciate it.

Users may login to server manager or change it with Windows.

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Thanks for the quick response mrmarkuz

In my many search attempts, I found this information and tested it. However, on my test account (which is managed under MS AD), the button appears to be MIA:

Crazy, it should look like this:


You may try another browser or check the browser debugger for errors. Do you have same issue with the root user?

Unforunately, that is not the case.

I just tested it again on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer 11 (both Windows 10 + Windows Server 2016 Standard), Edge (both Windows 10 and on Android), Safari on Mobile, Firefox on Android, Chrome on Android, and still nothing.

Could I have a configuration issue on my AD? I will say I am a bit new to AD, but beyond being able to change my password everything else is working as expected.

You may check /var/log/messages for Nethgui or other errors.

What if you change your password from Windows 10? Does that work?

If it’s just a test machine you may try to uninstall and reinstall AD.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any relevant information that seemed useful to me in those logs. I’ve included a link which contains the full log, but yeah …

I can change my password on Windows, and on my Domain-Joined Laptop. Still no Change Password button on NethServer WebGUI.


If I recall correctly, when NethServer is bound to a remote account provider (remote AD / Microsoft AD) the access is read-only.

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OMG, thanks @dnutan
@Reinitialized, sorry, I assumed you are using a local account provider