How to join the WebTop translations team?

How to join the translation team? I wrote a email to but didn’t get an answer. I also request addition to the transifex translater group, but also, no answer. .

Could somebody help here.

@gabriele_bulfon can you help @carsten join the team of translators ?

Yes, we were addressing this issue this morning after seeing this post.
Matteo is accepting the request right now.


I translated all missing expressions and also corrected many wrong or inconsistent translations and typos in Mail.

When will the new translations make it into to product?

Also in Web-UI the “Advanced Search” dialog the button in the lower left cordner displays as {$} but to label. It seems that this translation string is missing in the transifex. How can this be added?


Thy will be included in the release cycle (be it a bugfix or feature release).
We will pull all the new translations and they will be available on a next release.
Can’t exactly say when.


What about this wtsearchfield issue? How to fix this?