How to install Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

In these last 2 years I’ve seen a lot of ransomware’s cases like Cryptolocker. And a good help to prevent or solve that cases, came from Russia. I started to work with Dr Web, the only antivirus that solved (to me!) many cryptolocker’s cases, around 95% of some versions. So, I decided to install the Enterprise Suite on Nethserver to manage the antivirus’ scenario. It’s a multiplatform antivirus that works on Windows, Linux and MacOs. It’s cheaper than Kaspersky, for instance and it works perfectly in a LAN with more than 5 clients. In this HowTo, I will explain how to install the server components to manage the agents that will be installed in the network’s clients.

Before starting to install DR Web Server Enterprise, we have to purchase a valid license. After that, we need the license number to download the package to install on our Nethserver.
We will need 2 packages:

  • The installer

  • The additional package (this is necessary if you need to install the antivirus on mac, linux or android devices)

    chmod +x drweb-esuite-server-
    ./ drweb-esuite-server-

Accept the EULA.

chmod +x drweb-esuite-extra-****
./ drweb-esuite-extra-***

After that we need to open the following TCP and UDP Ports

  • 2193, 139, 445 TCP and UDP

  • 9080, 9081, 10101, 80, 443 TCP

    config set drwebtcp service status enabled TCPPorts 2193,139,445,9080,9081,10101,80,443 access private
    config set drwebudp service status enabled UDPPorts 2193,139,445 access private
    signal-event runlevel-adjust
    signal-event firewall-adjust

  • Connect on http://NETHSERVER:9080 with “admin” as user and “root” as password to login in the server and to manage your antivirus network

  • Connect on http://NETHSERVER:9080/install to download the public key file and the agent to install on the clients


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