How to install Corebos

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How to install corebos

Server Requirements:

Apache 2.x or above.
MySQL 5.x
PHP from 5.4.x to 7.0.x. PHP 7.x is recommended.
Nethserver 7.x

Install the packages

MySql:yum install nethserver-mysql
PHP EXTENSIONS:yum install php-gd.x86_64 php-imap.x86_64 php-xml php-mysql
Git : yum install git


git clone /var/www/html/corebos

Edit the php paramters

config setprop php MaxExecutionTime 600
signal-event nethserver-php-update

Creating MySql User

The following commands will create a database called corebos70 and a user called corebosdb
with a password corebosdb

/usr/bin/mysql --defaults-file=/root/.my.cnf -e "CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS corebos70;"
/usr/bin/mysql --defaults-file=/root/.my.cnf -e "grant all on corebos70.* to 'corebosdb'@'localhost' identified by 'corebosdb';"
/usr/bin/mysql --defaults-file=/root/.my.cnf -e "FLUSH PRIVILEGES"

File Permissions

Provide read-write access to the following files and folder (recursively):

chown  apache:apache /var/www/html/corebos/{,tabdata.php,install.php,cache}
chown  -R apache:apache /var/www/html/corebos/{storage/,user_privileges,/Smarty/cache/,Smarty/templates_c/,modules/,cron/modules/,test/vtlib/,backup/,Smarty/templates/modules/,test/,logs/,modules/Webmails/tmp/,install/,cache/images/,cache/import/}

Restart apache

systemctl restart httpd


At the first access corebos will run the configuration wizard just follow the instruction
But you have to pay attention to:
Database hostname, should be set to “localhost”
Don’t chech the checkbox “Create Database (Will drop if the database exists)”


I never heard of corebos, and went over to have a look at the features:
This is quite amazing, but I wonder what impact it has on already implemented NethServer features that overlap these features?
@Youssef, did you already try corebos on NethServer and what are your findings? Why should anyone use corebos? Is corebos instead of NethServer modules? or extending NethServer modules?

/edit: after reading some docs on corebos, it looks like it is derived from vtiger crm… We also have a topic about installing vtiger…

@Youssef is a new young intern at Nethesis :slight_smile: few days ago, @nethcman was looking for a CRM, and I asked Youssef to publish an how to.

I also hope that someone from the Corebos team will join this effort :wink:


Speaking for the coreBOS community we are more than happy to help, so give it a try and ask whatever you need.


Welcome to Nethserver community @joebordes. We will certainly give corebos a try. I can imagine that a small business server like NethServer and an application like corebos can be a great match.
I hope you can give us some hands on advice when questions arise with installing, configuring and using corebos on Nethserver.

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Great to see coreboss here, power of open source communitties :wink: what do you need @Youssef in order to improve the Integration?

Hi, everybody. I am a user / developer of coreBOS CRM since the beginning. It is a system that I have implemented in a company with about 200 users.

Any questions you may have can be asked :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help man and welcome to the NethServer Community :slight_smile:
I’d like to involve here also @a4rgl and @ns_nirosh what do you think about integrating corebos?

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Hi @alefattorini. Integration with coreBOS is very good. I currently have coreBOS integrated with different platforms such as SAP, Google and Alisys.

Now, I’m working “when I can” with new integrations with Telegram and TomTom :slight_smile:

As for platform integration, you can find libraries of different languages in the following url.


Sounds great but we love simplicity,for us a good integration is installing Corebos with one-click :slight_smile:

Corebos looks really interesting as regards integration with roundcube or asterisk so I tested it.

How to change the language? I was just able to select English for the admin user. I changed default language in but it just affects the login page.

To install it without missing php values errors at installation I had to do the following:

cat << EOF > /etc/php.d/corebos.ini
max_input_vars = 9000
error_reporting = E_ERROR

To use UTF8 database:

DROP DATABASE corebos70;
CREATE DATABASE corebos70 character set utf8mb4 collate utf8mb4_bin;
grant all on corebos70.* to 'corebosdb'@'localhost' identified by 'corebosdb';

Firstly may i say wow, what a fantastic piece of kit this Nethserver is.

Using Nethserver 7
guys please can you assist me with Corebos " MAX FILE UPLOAD "
Corebos File Upload keeps saying " 3mb " for maximum file uploads

I did the following:

Configuration > PHP Settings:
Maximum upload file size (30 Megabytes)
Maximum number of uploaded files (30 files)

edit the following files

  2. config.template.php

i did add the line " $upload_maxsize = 25000000; " in both files

In my Corebos " /etc/php.ini " File
upload_max_filesize = 25M


max_file_uploads = 25

Restarted the Corebos server and restarted php

Still does not change or increase the " 3mb " file upload size

any ideas

There is probably some other value set. CoreBOS seems to (also) use .htaccess for that.
I found this on CoreBOS website. It refers to Vtiger forums, but those are related.