How to import GPOs?


I have a doubt about how to import GPOs (admx templates).

I’ve imported W10 (Windows 10 November 2021 Update 21H2) and W11 (Windows 11 October 2021 Update 21H2) templates with the command:

nsdc-run – samba-tool gpo admxload -U Administrator --admx-dir=PathToTemplates

But i can’t import admx templates for Microsoft Edge (

they are not reflected in the policy editor.

I have tried copying directly to the policy folder (Policies/PolicyDefinitions) and they do reflect in the policy editor but do not apply to the client’s browser.

How should they be applied?

Thanks in advance.

NethServer uses Samba 4.9.18 but samba-tool gpo admxload was introduced in Samba 4.14, see Samba Features added/changed - SambaWiki

Maybe it works to copy the PolicyDefinitions Folder to the samba DC as explained here.


It works.

Login to a Windows PC and copy the c:\windows\PolicyDefinitions folder to \\ad.domain.local\sysvol\ad.domain.local\Policies\

The Win admx templates should work now.

To apply the Edge admx templates just copy them to the PolicyDefinitions folder on the DC and it should be reflected in group policy editor.

Sorry for the partly German screenshot but the English language pack doesn’t cover everything:



Thanks a lot!

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