How to get involved?


The actual entry of the community is like an iceberg, lot of things are actually hidden.
I continue to think that a WIKI is a better way,
You can show more things/ informations in the main page of a wiki, it’s like a
hub, a newcomer in few clicks is well oriented.; In one look, the newcomer have a good idea of what he can do to go further.
Actually a new user need to actively search information, this can be difficult, or more time consumer., The new comer has to dig to find information so it’s harder to get involved.
With a wiki, a new user need less effort to found information, it`s easier and less time consumer… Information are tiered.

If you accept another suggestion, in the main site, made a page with logos, banners for users who want to help spread NETHSERVER.
With this, users can make signature in their other profile forum.
With this users can write article in their blog with banners and links… stuff to comunicate.

Canonnical made this “tools” in the early years.
The Gentoo community made this things too, I remenber Debian made the same…

I think theses simples tools can help the comunity to grow.


Yes, it might be an “iceberg”, we’re thinking about a new wiki on github:

Sure, also worth noting that you can find a lot of stuff here:

We must show all this existing stuff., make the information easily accessible.

Even more when english is not the mother tong of the newcomer…

I like a lot this stuff

Thanks! Feel free to send me any suggestion :wink: