How to get access to database using phpmyadmin

I do this way:
It works but I got a screen saying 451 -

Here is how I access

To fix phpmyadmin-multi
run the following commands via ssh in a terminal.

yum install --enablerepo=nethforge nethserver-phpmyadmin

config show phpmyadmin

Example show

cat /etc/my.pwd

https://yourdomain/phpmyadmin-multi if adminacces is enabled and multiaccess is enabled

config setprop phpmyadmin multiaccess enabled /disabled
signal-event nethserver-phpmyadmin-save

config setprop phpmyadmin access public /private
signal-event nethserver-phpmyadmin-save

I found these directions some where in the docs but I am not sure where… I just copied them from my notes…

After some googling here is where i found the above info…


I found the problem! I was logged in as root in the server-manager. I logged out and logged in as admin and then worked fine.


Thanks @Foa for reporting this. @stephdl what do you think? Is it possible?

I don’t know it should not be possible but I have not tested it myself, so I accept it until the contrary is proved :slight_smile:

When the contribs was developed, NS knew only one admin -> ‘admin’, now in ns6.8 you have two admin.


the server-manager is another instance/service than the httpd’s one
the login of the server-manager is managed by a php session and not the httpd’s one

so I don’t really know why it could be done like this…however it should be tested and reproduced.

My 2c