How to export webtop distribution list as text?

I have a distribution list and want to export it to use it somewhere else.
Is there any means apart from copying every single address manualle?
There is the possitbility to import address from a text box. Is there also the other way possible, i.e. export to text box or file?

I found no way in webtop but you could use psql on command line to export the addresses from a distribution list to a file in /tmp/ dir, just change <DISTRIBUTION_LIST> and <FILENAME> to your needs:

sudo -i -u postgres psql -d webtop5 -c "copy (select recipient from contacts.list_recipients where (select display_name from contacts.contacts where contacts.contacts.contact_id = contacts.list_recipients.contact_id) = '<DISTRIBUTION_LIST>') to '/tmp/<FILENAME>';"

You could also use phppgadmin to get a web UI for exporting.