How to expand template wordpress

Hi everyone, I should use php scl version 7 to be able to use it with wordpress. I was told that there is a template on the server in
/etc/httpd/conf.d/zzz_wordpress.conf. How do I expand the template? Thank you

The manual has some info on how to do it. In short, expand-template <resulting_conf_file>:

expand-template /etc/httpd/conf.d/zzz_wordpress.conf

If the file is from a package, then the developer usually implements the template expansion as part of signal-events. For wordpress, that would be:

signal-event nethserver-wordpress-update

Thanks anyway . I immediately tried to expand the template as per your instructions, unfortunately my wordpress problem persists.

But your question was answered. Consider to open a new support request for your wordpress issue…

…or, in the alternative, change the title of this one to reflect what you’re actually trying to do. And in either case, explain, in detail, exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, and what’s happening that you don’t expect or want to happen.

Thank you . I had written in the faq just because I wanted to be sure how to properly expand the template. the problem I had exposed 15 days ago.

…which is not a problem, as you were told in that thread.

Could you please post the zzz_wordpress.conf

And Dan is right, please change the title or open a new thread, because it’s easier for others to find it.