How to enter email addresses in two different domains?

I am new to setting up mail servers. I can’t understand how to enter mailboxes in different domains from under one account.
We have two domains and
For XXX, I entered all the necessary mailboxes. How do I switch and enter mailboxes in YYY?

Hi @evggrig are you sure about the two domains? and seem to me mailboxes/aliasies, not domains…

I did not exactly describe the task. It will be right so - one domain and the second

Next question: does your NethServer mail is configured for use both domains?
One as the main domain ( and the supplemental one (

Don’t forget that as stated by the docs, NethServer allows multiple domains, but with one user base.
So if you create the user/mailbox automatically there will be an alias for

If I understand the instructions correctly, then I have to make all the mailboxes to and then do them alias like on the screen?

Am i right?


I have two domains in the domain list, but when I try to add a new mailbox to the list, I can use only one of these domains. what am I doing wrong?