How to enable full text search on Webtop5?

NethServer Version:7.7.1908, Webtop
How to enable full text search on Webtop5?

Full text search is supported by WebTop5 by using search in body, and automatically by using interactive search.
To gain good performance, full text search should be enabled imap side on NS7.

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@carsten you can verify that the dovecot FTS plugin is enabled with this command:

config getprop dovecot FtsLuceneStatus

(the default is enabled)

Also remember that to search within the message body you must specifically open the quick search dropdown and enter the key in the field:



Thanks. Two more questions:

  1. Which Fields are searched when the dropdown box is NOT openend? All but the contents?
  2. When using the “Extended Search box”, the last field in the drop down box is $(store.filter.any). Is this a missing translation? Is the meaning “Search all fields”?

From, To and Subject.
Message content is excluded to avoid slowdowns with each search.

The missing label problem has been fixed with the latest update to release 5.8.4 (available only for Nethserver 7.8):

In any case it coincides with “Any field”:

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I now saw “${anyfield}” in my German locale. How to fix this?
I tried to search for “any field” and “anyfield” in transifex, to add a German translation, but the search does give any results.

for translations on Transifex you were right to write here:

…only @gabriele_bulfon can help you :wink:

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