How to disable roundcube

Maybe i have a silly question, but i installed roundcube alongside webtop to test some things,
now when i uninstalled roundcube from the software center it also uninstalled mailserver in general and webtop? is this normal behavior? I was shocked at first, but everything was back to normal again when i reinstalled the mailserver and webtop.

What still remains is - i can still reach the roundcube interface and log in, despite it not showing as installed in the software center. How can i get rid of it?

Thanks for Your help!

I think only nethserver-roundcubemail was uninstalled and roundcubemail is still there.

Please try the following on CLI:

yum remove roundcubemail


Thank You - this was it.
is this normal behavior? seems not so good to me, when software is not really uninstalled.

Sadly, yes. Software removal through the software center is badly (quite possibly irreparably) broken.

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