How to disable One-time password

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: 2FA

i lost my phone and my freeotp failed to backup.
how to disable two step verification, One-time password on command line?
i did this but it didn’t work Base system — NethServer 7 Final
any help really helps me.

  1. access the system with user name and password
  2. execute:
    rm -f ~/.2fa.secret
    sudo /sbin/e-smith/signal-event -j otp-save

you did both steps for the user which is using 2FA?
Steps 1 delete the 2FA secret, but the steps 2 (which is mandatory) tells the system “something new happened for 2FA”. If you don’t run the signal-event step as root (henche the sudo), the first command is still to be applied.

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