How to create your own NethServer mirror


(Rob Bosch) #85

Looks like the cronjob is doing ok now… I think we have a new stable mirror… :slight_smile:

/edit: I just went through the files that are actualy on the mirror server, and in the ISO directory, there are actuyaly the torrent links, not the ISO’s.
With (currently) 61 ISO’s that would take roughly 45GB of diskspace. Is it intentional that those are torrentlinks and not the ISO’s? (I could handle 45GB of ISO’s on my server, but it would take a lot of my available diskspace.)

(Davide Principi) #86

Yes, ISOs are hosted on SourceForge!

(Rob Bosch) #87

Then it would be better to put links to the ISO’s on the sourceforge repo instead of links to the torrent files.