How to connect remotely

Hello how do you make it accessible to all external functions NethServer, I mean
If I try to enter if SoGo, WebMail, and more, via internal IP example: can without problems, but if I try to enter from outside by public IP I can not, the only thing that can come from outside and only the home page NethServer with the door: 980
You can help me.
Thank you


Is your Netserver is in the DMZ?
I don’t use such service, ( my Nethserver is only Firewall/Gateway ).
But I bet that you have to put theses services in the DMZ.

If the Nethserver is in the green zone, there’s no access from internet by default.

As they say in these cases, or try them all but not to access from outside only the interface with port 980

@k1000 show please

Go in Network services, and look if the services have access by the RED zone.

you’re just saying “it doesn’t work” without giving us any deatil to understand the problem… how is your server configured? has it one or two nic? how is it connected to wan?


  1. Kindly look at the DOC page :
  2. Go to Software Center and install Firewall-Base module

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That’s not necessary if @k1000 as a simple server with 1 IP and NIC
@k1000 maybe you should merely forward 443 port on your router/firewall towards NethServer, as you have already made with 980?

without any further info from OP, where just guessing… and maybe giving him bad info.

in the first instance he must give us details, then we can debate and suggest

Right but remind that OP has name, it’s Antonio @k1000 :smile:

Alessio, even if you’re right, OP is a standard acronymn widely used on community platforms and forums, and it has a very long story behind it, starting from usenet…
I’m quite old, don’t ask me to be web 2.0 :wink:

Right, just kidding :slight_smile: I just like calling people with their name

It is necessary.

If you want to run NS 6.7.

ok I try then you facio know, however grazi of your goodnessok I try then you facio know, however grazi of your goodness

… I’m ashamed to have so many things on my mind I had forgotten to put the port 443 on your router … and to force the door 980 could enter and everything else No lacked the door …
Sorry, and especially THANK YOU
…I’m ashamed…

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