How to connect nextcloud to cups printer

I installed nextcloud and cups print server on the same Nethserver (VM) but cannot get a nextcloud document printed on the printer from within the nextcloud webpage.
How can I configure cups to accept print jobs from nexctcloud ??

As stated…

Please check the Readme on Github on how to set up this app!

As far as i know, is the client which should be “correctly” configurated. So NextCloud. Moreover, if the system do not have a validated certificate, some TLS connections could go wrong.
IDK if any NethServer-perspective user or system user is automatically created during NextCloud setup, but you can still create, if needed, a NethServer user dedicated…

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Your correct it’s a client and works ok the main limitation is you can’t set the printer you want so there can only be one setup and it uses default

So maybe someone should help the developer of that NextCloud addon?

Yep found it and working now thx for the advice !

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Iirc it was more that the developer stopped after getting basic printing working then them having problems making it amore refined (i think it was because they figured most people would print the documents by opening it in the browser and printing it or if they needed a more advanced solution there was other purpose built programs like paper cut etc )

That said if enough people required a feature like that I’m sure it could be adapted